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 MY stpry!!!!! read it

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PostSubject: MY stpry!!!!! read it   Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:40 am

The Battle Between Demon and Spirit wolves
This is how there story begans.Spirit wolves have been on this earth for as long as we can remember now we have a new arrival that is just as powerful as them.The Demon wolves.Demon wolves are Wolves that have died and gotten a new chance by being possessed by Demons from the underworld.Spirit wolves are spirits that wonders the earth and can be seen by others.They can feel and touch things but cant not die.The Leader of them is a secret type of Wolf Called Jade.She is a fit young female that will get angry easily but has a sweet side to her.Jade also has a cub named Coda he is all white and very young.Rustic is a wise old wolf that is the one to open Jade’s book of secrets.Covbel is a brown wolf that is an uncle to coda he sort acts like his dad for jades mate has dissapeared.The Leader of the Demon wolf is different she is possessed by the highest demon but also the highest God and spirit wolf her name is Keandra.She is the only one of her kind. There’s a twist that no one knows but the God in Keandra you will find out soon enough and when you do there will be the biggest battle known in there history.The Demon wolves live in a blackened Forest away from another’s protected by the demon shields.While the spirit wolves live in a land of light where the sun shines.Know the story begins……

Chapter 1

Coda looked around then jumped on Jade's back.” I’m hungry!" he yelled.” I don't have any food....." she sighed.Coda stopped jumping and turned his head to one side” But," he whined,” I’m hungry!" he jumped again on her
back."Hungry!Hungry!Hungry!" he yelled in her ear.Jade covered her ears with her paws and she groaned."Coda,stop" Rustic growled.Coda shut his mouth and stopped jumping"Yes,sir.." he said quietly with his tail between his legs.Jade sighed then picked up Coda and plopped him on the ground.Covbel glared at Coda.Coda looked around than cocked his head at Covbel"What?" he squeaked."Nothin'..." he mumbled then put his head down and sighed.Rustic got up and layed down beside Covbel.Jade was about to get up and walk over to them when a piece of glass had fallen on her paw"Owwwww!" she yelled then limped over to them.Rustic got up looked up at the sky trying to see where the glass had came from.” That’s strange, that glass shouldn't hurt you..." he said laying back down.Jade's paw started to bleed she licked it ignoring Rustic.Coda looked at Jade's paw then bit down on it” Food!" he yelled.Rustic yanked Coda off then plopped him down in front of Covbel"Keep an eye on your child Covbel" he frowned at him then grabbed a leaf and wrapped it around Jade's paw some how.
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MY stpry!!!!! read it
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